Java application performance and stress tests, exception monitoring & screen capturing


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Eris loader is a software load testing tool developed to analyze softwares intended for a multi-user audience by subjecting the software to different amounts of virtual and live users while monitoring performance measurements under these different loads. it is usually conducted in a test environment identical to the production environment before the software system is permitted to go live. It has a great functionality to simulate the end user actions on complex application architectures. It can bypass any security concern to repeat the test scenarios. Considering new frameworks like oracle ADF, they load the html pages by ajax protocol triggered on the client and they have some state and token values kept on the server side so that the client actions are handled. Eris loader has been tested on ADF projects. It is a very successful stress loader tool.

Stress & Performance Tester Download Stress Loader Screen Shots Demo

Performance Monitor

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Software applications have fundamentally changed. They are componentized, virtualized and distributed. Developers, testers, operators and business owners must work more closely together than ever before to speed applications to market and maximize their business value.

Eris performance monitoring has emerged to overcome software bottlenecks and leaks in application performance. Our next generation technology provides the only continuous, transaction-pure system that supports the entire application lifecycle. Performance monitoring is now a key IT discipline because maintaining the performance and availability of applications is the primary service an IT department provides to the enterprise. To enable this vital activity, Eris has emerged as a leading provider of solutions in this rapidly growing market.

Performance Monitoring Download Performance Calculator Screen Shots

Error Monitor

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Most of the software applications cause errors during test or live environment. Sometimes it is hard to find out the cause of the error, considering the customer satisfaction resolving the error in a short time is crucial. Eris has developed error monitoring tool to recognize the faults at runtime and produce the alerts.

Eris error monitoring has emerged to pinpoint the error with its definition to let the service owner to address the solution immediately.

Error Monitoring Download Exception Handler Screen Shots

Screen Monitor

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Sometimes it is important to monitor the the data posted and viewed on the screens. Considering the fraud situations, business department may put restriction on the data queried from the system. Eris screen monitoring captures all the screen snapshots used by a specific end user.

Eris screen monitoring doesnt store all the html screen data, it has a great technologcy which doesnt consume memory and diskspace. Eris has emerged as a leading provider of solutions in this rapidly growing market.

Screen Capturing Download Screen Recorder Screen Shots

Eris Technology

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As an IT systems integrator, we use a unique methodology that focuses on up front strategy, fast and effective implementation and knowledge transfer to ensure long-term success. Leveraging a proprietary four part process, our experts diagnose your challenges, develop an appropriate solution, deploy it quickly and provide the detailed documentation you need to help ensure ongoing success. What's more, we offer top-of-the-line customer support.

Our Mission

Our company has emerged in the market to bring a new approach to IT solutions. Eris solutions are becoming ever more challenging as technical change accelerates. We are determined to take the lead in developing tools and techniques to meet the needs of developers and testers. We provide a combination of openness and extensibility, powerful functionality and wide technical coverage with excellent support. This is a compelling offering when compared to both commercial and Open Source alternatives. Eris is built around technically accomplished and highly motivated product development and service teams. Our approach is flexible, friendly and responsive

Why Eris

Our developers and support team work directly with customers to ensure innovative product design and rapid problem solving. Flexibility and extensibility are among our core software design principles, creating elegant and cost-effective solutions that work in the real world. We believe that first class services are vital. We know that customers have different approaches to testing and we provide tailored services from simple tool support to managed testing services. We are committed to realistic costs and sensible licensing we wish to build long term relationships with customers who continue to benefit from our solutions.